Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

Everyone knows missing teeth can impact self-confidence, but they can also cause various issues and complications in your mouth. Whether you have just recently lost your tooth, or you have had missing teeth for some time, there are options for replacing the gap in your smile.

With modern dental equipment and dentistry practices, replacing a missing or damaged tooth is easier, faster and more effective than ever before. If you are looking to replace a missing tooth or restore a severely damaged tooth, some of the treatment options to discuss with your dentist include:

Every patient is different, which means you will need to visit your dentist to get tailored advice on the most appropriate options for you. Some options are more permanent and long-term than others, so the best choice for you will depend on your budget and what you hope to achieve.

At JJ Smiles, our friendly dentists can work with you to establish a plan for repairing your smile.


Why should you get a missing tooth replaced?

If you have lost a tooth, it’s likely that your dentist Oxenford will recommend having it replaced. This is because there are several benefits to replacing a tooth. Just some of the reasons to replace a missing tooth include:

  • Reducing risk of infection at the empty tooth site
  • Enhancing your appearance and boosting your self-confidence by eliminating the gap
  • Promoting good chewing habits with a complete bite
  • Stop deterioration of the surrounding bones, which often occurs as a result of losing a tooth
  • Avoid changes to the appearance of your face and jaw, such as drooping muscles
  • Ensuring your mouth can remain as healthy as possible

For those who are unsure about whether tooth replacement is necessary, you can book a check-up and consultation with our friendly dental team. Our experienced dentists would be happy to assess your mouth and determine whether teeth whitening or other treatments could be suitable.


Emergency dental care

If you have just lost your tooth due to a collision/injury, it’s essential that you visit your local emergency dentist immediately. Some damage is invisible to the naked eye, or easily mistakeable if you don’t have dental expertise, meaning you should always have your mouth examined by a dental professional to ensure there are no major issues requiring immediate attention.

Most dental clinics can facilitate emergency appointments for dental trauma, so you can contact your dentist near me to find out if they can alter their schedule to fit you in.

At JJ Smiles, we understand that dental trauma can be confronting. Injuries and mishaps don’t always tend to happen at convenient times. Hence, we aim to accommodate emergency appointments as soon as possible to ensure everyone can access the care they need.

Our experienced dentists have extensive experience managing dental injuries and tooth loss, so they can advise on the best plan moving forward to suit your needs. Contact our team right away if you need emergency dental care or visit our Instagram or Facebook pages.

by Dr Santosh Joy

Dr Santosh has a strong background in dentistry and a unique passion for providing affordable, high-quality dental care. His experience in the industry spans more than a decade, and he has been able to refine and expand his expertise while attending to thousands of patients in various locations across the country. He's currently operating as dentist in Oxenford.

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