Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Through Good Habits

In this article, the team at Oxenford Dentist JJ Smiles will run you through five quick tips to take care of your teeth. By establishing good habits, we can preserve our smile, ensure our teeth and gums work like they should, and reduce the need for restorative treatments. Please note, these tips are only the tip of the iceberg and there is plenty of additional advice available through your Gold...
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Are Dental Crowns Right for Me?

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over an existing, natural tooth, to restore its original shape and natural appearance. A crown is not a replacement tooth in and of itself, but rather, it most often works in conjunction with an existing tooth that has been damaged. Once in place, the dental crown restores your smile, helps you to bite and chew, and protects the vulnerable natural tooth...
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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For Me?

Cosmetic dentistry has become an extremely popular solution for people across Australia who are looking to improve their self-confidence and brighten their smile. Many dental clinics around the country offer cosmetic services in addition to their general dental treatments. Seeking cosmetic treatments from your Oxenford dentist is a safe and effective way to transform your smile. Most dentists will agree that cosmetic care will not ‘change’ your appearance, but it...
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Dental Implants In Oxenford, Helensvale And The Gold Coast

Dental implants are a dental procedure to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. The dental implant method is used by specially trained Oxenford dentists for a number of reasons. If you have a missing tooth and are on the fence about getting it replaced, it’s important to begin at the beginning and to ask the following question. Why is it important to replace missing teeth? Missing teeth affect...
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Protecting Your Teeth With The Help Of Your Dentist

Teeth are precious, but we often take them for granted. We need them to chew, to smile, and even to speak. Good teeth enable us to lead healthy, happy lives. When teeth suffer damage or decay, we start to suffer from poorer overall health and wellbeing. In this article, Oxenford Dentist JJ Smiles will be exploring some ways we can helps in protecting your teeth through preventative dentistry – from...
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Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

Are your teeth no longer white? Have they changed colour to become a slight yellow, brown, or grey colour? In this article, our Oxenford Dentist will explore some of the causes of discoloured teeth, how you can prevent them from discolouring, and what you can do about brown teeth, yellow teeth, and grey teeth.   Why Are My Teeth Discoloured? It is common for teeth to become discoloured through a...
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How Can A Dentist Fix My Smile?

How do I fix my smile? Not liking your smile can lead to decreased confidence. If it is related to dental issues such as misaligned or missing teeth, then it can also make it hard or unpleasant to bite or chew. People with discoloured teeth, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, crooked teeth or missing teeth often report disliking their smile at our dentist Oxenford. Fortunately, there are many solutions available...
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What to expect on your child’s first visit to the dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist may not be quite as significant as their first words or their first steps, but it’s pretty close! The first dentist visit can be an important, formative moment for both parents and children alike. At our dentist Oxenford, JJ Smiles, we specialise in children’s dentistry Gold Coast, and we can help to ensure that your child’s first visit to the dentist is as...
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When Should You Start Taking Your Child To The Dentist?

All children experience significant change and development in their mouths as the lose their baby teeth and adult teeth begin to erupt. Given the amount of change that occurs in a child’s mouth, it’s no wonder why dentists suggest taking your children to the dentist from the age of six months. At JJ Smiles, our dental professionals recommend that you book your first dental appointment when they turn six months...
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Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

Everyone knows missing teeth can impact self-confidence, but they can also cause various issues and complications in your mouth. Whether you have just recently lost your tooth, or you have had missing teeth for some time, there are options for replacing the gap in your smile. With modern dental equipment and dentistry practices, replacing a missing or damaged tooth is easier, faster and more effective than ever before. If you...
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